Tara Davenport

Sports Dietitian

Tara is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Accredited Sports Dietitian. Tara’s experience stems from working with a range of active people and athletes on their performance nutrition.

Tara enjoys having authentic conversations with her patients to understand their lifestyle and nutrition focus. She provides an individualised yet evidenced based approach to your consultation. She particularly enjoys that some conversations can involve vulnerability, using this as a space to ensure our strategies are well aligned with your personality, lifestyle and goals.

She has extensive experience helping to manage chronic disease and gut intolerances and has undertaken all relevant training to help work through disordered eating patterns, and to meet recovery from an eating disorder.

Tara's experience also extends to supporting active people, athletes and sport teams to reach their goals through education, support and practical guidance. She works with state sporting teams: Hockey QLD and Rowing QLD, and individuals who are training for fun, to elite sports including but not limited to: AFL, cyclists and triathletes, endurance runners and judo.

Tara's passion for performance - whether that’s your day-to-day or for an event, has evolved from her history competing at high level gymnastics as well as currently being a keen runner, and participant in sport. She enjoys weaving helpful eating behaviours with nutrition, physiology concepts and a helpful mindset towards food so there are those 'light bulb' moments that direct you to the best version of yourself.


  • Bachelor of Exercise Physiology and Nutrition Sciences (BscExNutrSc)
  • Master of Dietetics (MstrDiet)
  • Sports Dietitian's Australia Sports Nutrition Course
  • Health and Every Size Aligned Approach’s
  • Acceptance Commitment Therapy for Dietitians
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Eating Disorder training - CBT-E & FBT