Nathan White


Nathan has worked throughout Australia and New Zealand for the past 19 years.

Nathan was born in Wanganui, New Zealand before moving to Australia and commencing schooling in Queensland. He completed his podiatry training at Queensland University of Technology with honours in 2001. After working for some time in Hobart in general practice and palliative care, he moved to New Zealand in 2004 to focus on sports injury management especially within the field of Netball. During time with the Gloucester Sports Clinic, Nathan spent 3 years working as the co primary podiatrist for the Canterbury Netball Association. This entailed acute trauma work, biomechanical assessment, rehabilitation and as required, orthotic therapy. At the Gloucester Sports Clinic he also began the hands on process of custom orthotic prescription and fabrication within the lab setting.

In 2007, Nathan returned to Hobart to take up a position as partner at the Ispahan Podiatry Rooms in Hobart. This allowed further extensive work within the sports injury management field and within the orthotic lab setting. During this time, Nathan increased his exposure to cycling injuries and the manufacture of cycling orthosis geared towards this specific purpose. In 2009 Nathan co founded Cobra9 Cycling Orthotics Pty Ltd focused on prescription custom built cycling orthotic options. This work takes Nathan around Australia regularly training podiatrists, bike fitters and physiotherapists and working with cyclists in most states. In this role, Nathan has worked closely with elite cyclists throughout Australasia including the Queensland Academy of Sport, Tasmanian Institute of Sport and many Pro Tour Teams. Nathan remains the principal podiatrist and director of Cobra9 Cycling Orthotics and continues to research and develop products within this field.

Nathan has a special interest in cycling and the use of orthotics to improve performance and comfort. Nathan works closely with bike fit technicians to ensure the overall clinical picture is recognised rather then focusing solely on the foot.

Nathan also has a special interest in paediatrics and the challenges of the growing foot. Through assessment, education, exercises, gait training and biomechanical intervention if warranted, we aim to make your child's feet functional and pain free.

In his spare time, Nathan loves to ride his road bike and races as often as possible in the Cobra9 Intebuild team. He is also a keen skier and avid reader. He is married to Abbie who works as practice manager in Brisbane and has two boys Henry and Jasper.