We are back! New cafe location at Nundah, and health services to all our locations

We are back! New cafe location at Nundah, and health services to all our locations

In the midst of COVID19 business interruptions, March and April proved to be difficult months to run a health focused business. Treading the delicate line between advising patients to stay away verses the need to run a smooth consistent business is a unique challenge. Thankfully some normalcy is returning and we are preparing ourselves to ramp up our services.

With restrictions now easing, we are all back on deck looking after the needs of cyclists and athletes from all walks of life. Podiatry is now operational again full time at our central Milton headquarters, alongside our Nundah, Eatons Hill, Keperra and Everton Park locations. Nutrition, massage and bike fitting have also returned. The workshop has been quite busy throughout the lockdown, however, we remain confident we can turn over most repairs within 24 hours. Please call for bookings or book online as spots fill very quickly.

We now also have our 2nd cafe set up at Nundah Village on Sandgate road to serve the Northside smooth Fonzie Abbott brews. This has been an interesting and mildly stressful experience navigating the perils of lockdown whilst trying to establish a new business. We are very proud of what we have managed to achieve in trying circumstances. The 4012 is open Monday to Saturday.

We hope to reboot our shop rides and runs very soon alongside government directives. That first Cootha Tuesday will be a hell of a session with a rampant Dave Edwards returning to peak condition whilst locked away from the XXXX ale house. All updates regarding group rides will be across our social media.

A huge thanks to our very supportive community who have lifted and supported us throughout the uncertain past few months. We owe a debt of gratitude to all of you for keeping the lights on whilst many in the business community are doing it very tough.