It's time to get this 'no gap' orthotics ordered!

It's time to get this 'no gap' orthotics ordered!

It's that time of the year again! For most health insurers, December 31st marks the point where your benefits reset. It means, if you want a 2nd set of orthotics to use in your cycling or walking shoes, now is the time to use your benefits prior to the reset period.

All our valued clients at The Pedaler are entitled to 2nd set of orthotics with no 'out of pocket' costs with the use of their Private Health Fund*. If you haven't seen our podiatrist and need to upgrade your orthotics, now is a good time to get the process started prior to the end of the year to ensure you can make use of this unique benefit next year as well.

Make sure you book a time soon, or give us a call to avoid missing the December 31st deadline as we get quite busy in December.

We are fortunate to be one of the few remaining Podiatry Practices that still has its own lab. This allows us to create unique solutions for all your shoe and foot issues.

If you’ve been putting off seeing a Podiatrist to organise orthotics to alleviate pain, improve comfort or prevent potential problems, then get in now and we can prescribe your custom set of orthotics now, then issue you with a 2nd set in the new year at NO GAP.

The benefits of being a Pedaler Patient!!

(*must have had previous orthotics from The Pedaler for a No Gap set - please check your health fund for details)