Back to school shoes

Back to school shoes

“Schools back for summer”….. Ok sorry.. Parents breath a sigh of relief and the kids…well they just sigh. You have already got the shoes and back to school items. But here are some tips to help you decide on what kind of shoes to get when they outgrow the current pair.

The cost of shoes for children becomes a big influence on the quality of shoes for children, particularly when children outgrow the shoes quickly and if parents have more than one child to buy for. It's often said, but cost is not always indicative of quality of a shoe.

As general advice, lace up shoes will often provide more support than Velcro or slip ons. Encourage the child to actually do up the laces, don’t just pull them on. The same goes for socks; opt for a natural fiber like cotton, bamboo, wool or milk (yes there really are socks made of milk polymers). The natural fibers are more breathable for feet, meaning a reduction in ingrown nails, smelly feet and wet/rotting shoes.

Once the child has worn in their new shoes, watch for signs of irregular or uneven wear patterns on their shoes, they may be limping, walking awkwardly, hobbling or show signs of asymmetrical legs or feet. This does not necessarily mean orthotics, with children, more often than not we prescribe a stretch and strengthen program to fix the condition. Orthotics have a time and a place but are not always required.

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