The Pedaler now fitting Lake shoes at all five locations

The Pedaler now fitting Lake shoes at all five locations

We run a unique model when it comes to cycling shoe sales. Rather then carry a stock list that ages and never has the shoe you really need, every Lake shoe we sell is via consultation.

This means we properly assess and size the client for every shoe prior to ordering. It also allows us a chance to ensure nothing else is lurking in the background behind someones unhappy current footwear selection. In many instances, we find the current shoe is more then adequate, and the fault lies in the mechanics of the cycling stroke or the foot itself. Rather then unnecessarily fit a new pair of shoes in these instances, we can offer advice or orthotic therapy as indicated.

The other rational behind our shoe fitting process lies squarely in our shoe partner, Lake. The range of shoes offered by Lake is enormous across many styles, widths and customisable options. Many of these offerings are not available locally in Australia. We have a tremendous relationship with Lake, and this allows us to order in directly from the Netherlands shoes that are required for each client. This opens up the full range of MTB and Cross options to our clients.

Once the shoes arrive back at The Pedaler we fit up the shoes, position the cleats, heat mould when indicated and set you up on the bike. Any Cobra9 insoles whether prescription or otherwise are also fitted at this time to finish off the set up. Perfect.

Our shoe fitting service is available throughout our network of locations. The Pedaler shoe fitting process means we can easily fit a client for shoes at Eatons Hill or in our HQ at The Pedaler. All of our shoe fitting consults are claimable on HICAPS with applicable health insurance.

If you have questions or would like more information, contact us or make a time to fitted up at The Pedaler or any of our North West locations.